Please come take a look and set up for your Hallowe'en Sales!!

This is a Full-Sim Sized Cooperative Hallowe’en Mall located high over OCTOBERWORLD in Kitely

You can visit now at:


Flyby Video @:

Show off any of your items, For Sale or Free

Or even just put up signage directing folks

to your inworld store whatever grid you're on,

or Kitely Market page.

Feel free to claim a spot anywhere you like,

be it just a stall in the Castle, or a

full shop of your own in Lower Town.


You will want to put

up good signage &/or Teleporters

to your chosen spot if you're not in the main castle.

And Decorate, Decorate, Decorate!

Autumn, Hallowe’en, Ghosts, Etc

Toss in cool decos anywhere you like,

[General or Moderate please, no Adult]

You will need to Join the


to be able to rez and place stuff.

(You do NOT need to make your

stuff Group Owned)

Don't be shy, take as much space as you need, we have LOTS of prims, have fun!

Even if you just want to put a Teleporter in place to direct folks to your own world or whatever that's cool too. Just keep it Halloween themed.

(holler if you need free teleport object or scripts)

For Questions and a Group Invite Contact:

Kitely Inworld: Shandon Loring


phone: 302-STORYLINK (302-726-5465)

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